Need a Bitcoin wallet? Download Getcoins Wallet app! Available on both Apple and Android. Install and setup within minutes.

GcWallet Features

Send Bitcoin, Receive Bitcoin, Check transaction history

Send Bitcoin

GC Wallet allows you to instantly send Bitcoin from your wallet to friends and merchants

Receive Bitcoin

GC Wallet allows you to instantly receive Bitcoin from friends and family

Track Transactions

GC Wallet lets you track your transactions history so you can better manage your money

Manage, track
and Secure your trasanctions and

Securely create multiple crypto wallets to better manage your finances. Make a wallets for personal spending, savings and joint accounts.

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Review your
Transactions in real time
and view confirmations

Login with your Getcoins Hub account to review transaction history in real time and receive live updates once your transaction has been confirmed by the Bitcoin network.

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With GetCoins Wallet app, your private keys and your money remain in your control at all times.